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Once you settle on a RadioActive Strategy that’s right for you…whether you want to emphasize short term, hit-and run profits, or holding for the long run…how do you sort through the UNIVERSE of optionable stocks for the best opportunities right now? PowerOptions search screens are specifically geared to finding our special married put combinations and income methods according to RadioActive Principles.

Previously, I poured over scads and scads of options tables, only to find that prices had changed by the time I “crunched the numbers” to see if a married put position was going to work…but that’s a thing of the past. Not only does PowerOptions give you the exact “AT RISK” amount and percent of all the results of your search…but you can ALSO use their management tools to determine the best Income Methods to use to take a credit, reduce the risk in your stock position, or both.

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Trade Simulator Tool

The object of this program is to help investors understand the importance of the little known principle of “Optimum Position Sizing”. The program’s purpose is NOT to predict or project what YOU will earn over your next 100 trades… PLEASE don’t get that idea… but what it will do is demonstrate the effect of money management as it relates to trading.

The importance of Optimum Position Sizing is to bet the ideal amount in each trade; not so much that a loss really hurts, and not so little that a gain doesn’t matter. With proper position sizing, your winning trades bring in healthy gains, and even losing trades don’t have to be a problem… if they are controlled and balanced with enough winning trades.

As you’ll see with this calculator, knowing how much to put AT RISK is crucial. The Trading Simulation Tool is designed to let YOU sell YOURSELF on the idea of good money management. Play around with it, try a lot of different scenarios. The random run of winners and losers, over a period of 100 trades, will provide all the evidence you need to conclude that money management… position sizing… is the most important factor of trading.

Trade Simulator Tool

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“Ernie, I LOVE The Blueprint! I can’t wait to subscribe to the service for that strategy (I have the basic subscription now). I wish I’d discovered it earlier! I use Think or Swim but traded myself into a corner last year and have to claw my way back to having some buying power, then I will be “all in”. Meanwhile,.. thanks ever so much!”

DK – March 2009


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